Our engagements

STS SotechSud intends to establish itself as a reference on the market for air decontamination. We guarantee a product tested and proven in the laboratory with an efficiency of 99.99%.


Thus, our product exploiting UV-A and photocatalysis, brings an eco-responsible dimension. Indeed, for SotechSud every customer should not be exposed to the danger of bacterial proliferation.


In addition, our ecological commitment allows us to work hand in hand with local and French producers to promote employment assistance in our regions.


From idea to design, working with us means considering helping you eliminate germs.


Let us look together to the future, to build today

Bruno Robert
CEO SotechSud


The device can remain on 24/7 without risk to human health


Environmentally friendly device produces no waste

99.99 %

Laboratory tested and approved

Study carried out by :

To measure the efficiency and reliability of the catalyst, we turned to the Montepellier’s University.

In order to ensure consumer safety, we called on Emitech a mechanical, electrical and electronic test laboratory.


To ensure efficiency, our static tests have been carried out by Aerial. Find out more


To optimize the efficiency of our device, we turned to Stérixene. Find out more.

In order to best meet our commitments, we have called on these various organizations to provide you with protection and a guarantee of quality. Indeed, it is important for our company to be the most accessible to the general public.


To do this, we make the certificates available on request to the following email address: contact@decair.fr